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Accessories for sensor technology

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Mounting brackets for shaft and hollow-shaft encoders

These attachments allow a wide range of mounting variants



Taper shaft - mounting kit.

The new mounting kit upgrades the large incremental hollow shaft encoder A02H for mounting onto a tapered shaft.
Tapered shafts are used for high-precision direct coupling to direct drives. An isolating insert is also included in the mounting kit; this reliably protects the encoder from shaft currents.

Included in the set: Insert for cone blind hole, cone 1:10, 17 mm length, insulation insert, Allen screw for central fixing



Robust bearing unit.

The new robust bearing unit separates the bearing load from the sensor technology and can be easily retrofitted.
It provides the ideal solution, where strong forces exert pressure on the shafts – for example when belts are under high tension.

The robust bearing unit is suitable for all Sendix 50xx and 58xx series encoders.



Spring tether element

Simple but clever – this new torque stop offers the maximum amount of flexibility when fixing.
Spring tethers can be fixed at just about any angle, since pitch circles can be selected steplessly from 42 up to 84.5 mm.

The spring tether element is suitable for all hollow shaft encoders.



Protection cover for hollow shaft series A02H

The Heavy Duty incremental encoder A02H, with hollow shafts up to 42 mm, are particularely tough and resistant to vibrations. They are the right choice for AC-vector drives, which are used in steel plants.

For applications with a very high degree of pollution Kübler now offers a protective cover, which ensures in the simplest manner possible that the encoder will continue to operate reliably at all times and over a very long service life.



Isolating inserts

The isolating insert provides galvanic isolation between the encoder and the motor shaft and prevents current flowing via the motor and encoder bearings. We also supply isolated tether arms specially adapted to these applications.

Available for A02H and Sendix incremental 5020



Measuring wheels

Measuring wheels are utilized in combination with encoders to measure material in the wood, paper, metal, textile and plastic industry.




Reducing the load on the bearings.

Bearing blocks

Separation of bearing load and sensor component.

Bearing box

Reducing the shaft loads.



Spring encoder arm

Robust, Reliable, Versatile



Accessories for draw wire encoders



SSI-display 571/position display 570

Suitable for SSI protocols up to 25 bit.

Fast counting input, works with our LIMES measuring system.


Accessories for counting technology





Transparent covers with key lock




Bezel adapters




Slip-on bezels




Software EzControl




Connection boxes





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