Rajdeep Industrial Products Ltd. was established in 1969 in Bombay. Currently we are situated in Pune (Head Quarters) and Bombay (Registered + Sales offices) which are in Maharashtra, on of the most industrialized states in India. Strong infrastructure, Sound financial health, Foresight, Competent and well-trained staff are some the assets which have helped us over the years. Our motto is " CUSTOMER SATISFACTION " and this is also a strong reason for our success over the years. We have earned our name as a RELIABLE SUPPLIER of industrial products.

The company is divided in two divisions based on the product range, but keeping the goal common. Both these divisions are managed by independent management and staff.

Rajdeep Industrial Products Pvt Ltd

Rajdeep Distributors Pvt Ltd

The Trading Division, the oldest of the group, started its operation in 1969. Over the past 30 years, it has grown from a small entity of 6 people to a group of 100+. Presently this Division is an authorised dealer for:

1. SKF Bearings (& recognised Importer)

2. L&T Audco Valves

3. Rulond Transmission Products

4. GATE Hoses

5. NRB Needle Bearings

6. ESAB Welding Products

All of these companies are leaders in their fields in India. Major focus of this division is in Western India. This division also caters to customers who would like to get products with some modification or addition of components. Ex Actuators for valves, End fixtures for hoses, Endless type of transmission belts, etc.

Rajdeep Automation Pvt. Ltd

This division was established in 1983. Catering to the needs of the Modern Industrialized India, this division has grown over the years and established itself as a company for "Reliable Controls for Automation". Operating under the popular BBTT brand, this company has its distribution network and focus in all parts of India.

Presently this division assembles products in technical association with European Companies. This division also represents leading firms from different parts of the world for marketing their product range in India. This division comprises of 38 technically competent and experienced staff. Dealing in diverse products ranging from Simple Time totalizers to complex PLCs and Programmable Encoders has given the customers a COMPLETE solution for their needs under one roof.

This division focuses on a wide range of Industries like Automobiles, Auto Ancilliaries including Tyre industry, Drives, Elevators, Machine Tools, Packaging, Paper, Steel, System Integrators, etc. A strong customer base consistently remaining with us is a proof of its committment to Quality and Service.

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