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Optex FA Photo Electric Sensors

Foreground Suppression

BGS/ FGS series

  • High grade PSD (Position Sensing Device) is implemented in FGS (Foreground Suppression) system.
  • Ideal for sensing thin objects lying on conveyor, etc.
  • Numerical display for easier settings.


Miniature flat type sensor

E series.

  • Flat type and Side type are available.
  • M8 pig-tail connector types are available for all models.
  • Easily visible indicator LED can be seen even from the back.
  • Convergent beam models offer a choice of
    1 Side type (2-15mm) and 3 Flat type with different sensing distances (3-8mm / 2-15mm / 5-30mm).


Mark sensor with Pushbutton Teach

J3 series

  • J3M Mark sensor with Pushbutton Teach.
  • Narrow view optics project a 3.0 mm spot (Retro-reflective type J3R-100).
  • 1.5 mm projected spot for BGS types.
  • Epoxy filled sensor housing provides protection against vibration.


BGS functionality built into a small package

S / BGS-S series

  • BGS functionality built into a small package!
  • Built-in polarizing filter (Retro-reflective) type.
  • 100G shock resistance rating.
  • M8 QD for all types.


Noise filter with anti-inverter design

BGS-2S 25 series

  • Specially designed for black PC Boards.

BGS-2S 15 series

  • Noise filter with anti-inverter design.
  • Tolerant to environmental noise.


Universal voltage photoelectric sensor

V series

  • Universal voltage photoelectric sensor 12 to 240 VDC / 24 to 240 VAC.
  • M12 QD types are available.
  • Relay contact (AC/DC models) and Transistor output (DC models).
  • Rugged duty sensor housing.
  • BGS-V2000, long sensing distance (2m) with BGS operation.


Easy Mount Photosensor

Y series

  • Long distance thru-beam sensor up to 30m
  • Selection of various types of sensor including BGS and Transparent object detection.


Compact Size Photosensor

Z series

Seven different sensing types for the maximum flexibility in any application.


Cost effective and Compact size Photosensor

 Z2 series

Thru-beam, Retro-reflective and Diffuse-reflective types are available.


Stainless steel housing IP69K Photosensor

 ZM series

Thru-beam, Retro-reflective, Diffuse-reflective and BGS types are available.


Contrinex Photo Electric Sensors


Accessories – fiber optic, reflectors, mounting brackets, etc.





Fibre Optic 



Through Beam



  Background Suppression



Telco Photo Electric Sensors


High performance remote sensors for harsh environments

The remote sensor series, which consists of a transmitter LT and receiver LR, is made to operate in conjunction with a Telco photoelectric amplifier from the PA or MPA programmes. The remote sensors are available in a wide range of housings, with either cable or plug connection, and may be used in thru beam or diffuse proximity mode.

The series is available with optional power-on (LR) and output (LT) monitor LEDs for use with any Telco photoelectric amplifier that has the sensor LED drive feature incorporated.



Multiplexed Photoelectric Amplifier 

The Multiplexed Amplifier series consists of a wide selection of 2, 4 or 8 channel multiplexed photoelectric amplifiers which are to be used in conjunction with Telco’s line of remote photoelectric sensors, that may be used in thru beam or diffuse proximity. The channels operate independently of each other with their own set of remote sensors. The multiplexing function ensures that optical cross talk between channels is prevented.

Supply voltage can be selected between AC or DC. The series offers a choice between relay and/or transistor output, which can be chosen as a common output or as individual outputs for each individual channel. The series offers manual sensitivity adjustment for each individual channel and on/off delay adjustment via integral potentiometers located on the front panel of the amplifier. Light or dark function, and long or short range is switch selectable for each individual channel.


Contrast Sensors


The OKTTI 55 … optical contrast sensor from di-soric delivers reliable detection of print marks on a wide range of most different materials like labels, foils, package bands, cardboard containers and tubes.

Differences in contrast of 4 % or more are reliably detected at a distance of 30 mm. Thanks to the short response time of 0.2 milliseconds, di-soric contrast sensors are suited to use in fast-moving processes.

Start-up is simple, either by using the teach-in button or remote teach function.


Fork Light Barriers

di-soric fork light barriers are through beam sensors. Transmitter, receiver and all the electronics are in one casing ensuring very straightforward and quick installation. Complex brackets for fastening the transmitter and receiver as well as time-consuming adjustment are unnecessary.
di-soric fork light barriers have a robust metal casing.All devices with clocked infrared or red light have high ambient light immunity.

Due to the high operating frequency, the short response time and the high resolution, even very small parts can be very precisely positioned and very fast movements reliably detected.



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