Laser Displacement Sensors, Vision Systems, Photo Sensors


Cable Drag Chains, Conduits, Cable Entry Solution, Labeling Solutions


Linear Encoders, Position Indicators, Magnetic Distance Sensors


Frame Sensors, Ring Sensors, Fork Sensors, Cylinder Sensors


Incremental Encoders, Absolute Encoders, Electro Mechanical Counters, Electronic Counters, Electronic Hour Meters, Electromechanical Hour Meters, and Couplings

Proximity Sensors, Analog Proxy, Fibre Optic Sensors


Motorized Potentiometers, Rotary Cam switches, Feedback Units, Manual Pulse Generators.

Ultra Sonic Distance Sensors
PLC with Built in HMI
Photo sensor and Light Curtains
Hi Performance Laser Sensors

Roland Double Sheet Detectors, Sheet Thickness systems, Tyre Cord Detectors

Capacitive Sensors
Elevator Curtains, Machine Safety Curtains
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